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Peter Ellis Ltd has the best diggers and excavators for hire. The Heavy Machinery and Hydraulic repairs are done by Peter himself. So you can be assured that your project will go according to plan, knowing Peter is only a call away if you run into any troubles.

Peter has the following sizes available for hire.

2x 12-ton Excavators
2x 13-ton Excavators
1x 14.5-ton Excavator
1x 20-ton Excavator
1x 14-ton Wheel loader

Peter Ellis does all on-site support personally and guarantees backup support. So you’ll get the job done.

Peter Ellis has been in business for many years and can guarantee that his diggers and excavators will get your job done. Besides doing all on-site maintenance himself, he also offers several attachments. So don’t hesitate to inquire about these.

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Digger4hire.nz is Peter Ellis' site for all things Digger and Excavator. With years experience servicing the Canterbury region, Peter Ellis is ready to deliver top services to get the job done.

Peter Ellis services all implements personally.
Peter has a wide range of excavators. He prides himself in ensuring…
Want to do it yourself? Sure thing. Peter has the right machine…

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